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Be good, girl. Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:42   Engineering   Bayreuth   136 views Reference: 384
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Another email was written and changed, changed and deleted, and every word I typed consumed my life. Zi Song: Your past marriage is a huge shackle, which makes it difficult for me to move. What is she to you? What is Congcong? What am I? Is it an accident in your life or an elaborate arrangement? Demon After sending the email, I changed into sports clothes and went to the fitness center downstairs to practice yoga. I have never been so grateful to have participated in such a beneficial physical and mental sport during those boring single years, giving me something to do during the time of lovelorn unemployment. In the melodious music, I put my whole body into it and challenged countless projects that I once dared not challenge. Sweat stuck to my clothes, and the pores of my body could not wait to breathe oxygen. I want to cry freely. It wasn't until the closing time of the gym approached that I reluctantly took a shower, changed my clothes and went home. I didn't think it was snowing outside. In the black night, white snowflakes are flying in the wind. The trees by the roadside were covered with a clear quilt of snow. There are few pedestrians at night, and the whole world is serene and quiet, like a holy nun dressed in white, which can not be destroyed. I stepped on the thick snow one foot at a time, making a creaking sound. The last time it snowed, Lord Lin took me by the hand and ran to the cinema on the road. For me, he fought with people like a young boy in his 30s. Time is only a moment, but the mind is caught in the wind and snow. Shaking off the snow, I walked home with my sports bag on my back, but I saw a familiar figure waiting at the door. In the past six months, this figure has often appeared in my mind without my control, without advertising fees,stainless tile trim, without sponsors, like the direct marketing advertisements that are constantly replayed by various TV stations at midnight. I remember how high-spirited he was when I first saw him. He had dark eyes, clear eyes that did not match his age, eyes that should make countless women palpitate. Yesterday, however, I learned that there are many complicated stories hidden behind such clarity, which I can't afford. My first reaction was to turn around and walk away. I don't want to face the truth. The so-called truth is doomed to become a sophistry when trust is destroyed,stainless steel edging strip, no matter how reasonable the truth will be. I hate to sway, I hate to be suspicious in the future, while I still have some reason, I want to continue to calm down. The moment I turned around and walked away, I unexpectedly heard the voice of Lin Lin. Lin Lin ran out of the figure of Lord Lin and ran to me. He said to me in a mournful tone, "Demon, why don't you answer the phone?"? Why? Your father has a cerebral hemorrhage and is now in hospital. Your mother called me just now and said that she didn't get in touch with you after calling all day. She sent someone to my house to ask for my phone number. Why did you turn off your mobile phone? I stumbled and slid down the wall. How did Lin Zisong catch me? I don't know. I only know that he said next to me: "demon, be strong, call home first, and then think of a way.". I have booked the plane ticket. According to the weather forecast, the snow will be heavier tomorrow, driving back will be closed, and flights will be affected. We'll try to leave tonight and get to your house. Trembling, I took out my cell phone and called my mother immediately after I turned it on. My mother's voice was as thin as the last dead leaf in the autumn night. She said, "Yaohua, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminium tile trim profiles, hurry home.". Your dad won't make it through the night. I don't know when my face has been covered with water. The topic of death has been mentioned in my ears these days, but at least when it is mentioned in the past tense, death is not so shocking, now it is different, he is approaching the scene, choking my throat, making it difficult for me to think. The sensor light in the corridor went out and on, on and off. In a trance, I seemed to see the indicator lights in the operating room, the instruments flashing with the ups and downs of life, and the old people with all kinds of pipes. It was my father who was upright and unswerving, the father who let me lie in bed for two days with a stick, and the father who forced me to read Selected Works of Mao Zedong from childhood. Six years ago, in order to avoid him, I enrolled in a school thousands of miles away from home. Two years ago, I went north to Beijing, thousands of kilometers away from home. In the past two years, I only went home once. At that time, my father's back was a little bent, and the lines on his forehead seemed to have been carved by a sharp knife, but he still spoke in a rigid way. We were calm for one day, but the next day we had a quarrel, and the third day he began to swing his crutches. I was so angry that I packed up and went back to Beijing. I wiped my face, took a deep breath and said, "Mom, you let my dad hold on.". I'll be home tonight. You tell him that I will listen to him when I go back this time. I will never come to Beijing again. I will accompany him in the future, as long as he lives. Hung up the phone, I said to Lin Zisong: You take me to the airport. I'll give you the ticket money when I get back. Lin Zisong put his arm around my hand, but without saying anything back, he said, Let's go. Snowflakes dancing in the headlights. These lovely spirits now look like evil spirits. Lin Zisong drove fast, ran several red lights, and finally arrived at the airport in the last ten minutes before the end of the boarding time. Running to the boarding gate of the plane, I was so cruel that I said to Lin Zisong, who was holding two boarding passes, "Don't go.". My mother will misunderstand. Lin Zisong's eyes were injured. Running all the way just now, his hair was disheveled by the wind, his face was ruddy, and against the white shirt, he was as vigorous as a teenager. He said, demon, I'll go back with you. I don't trust you to go like this. I looked at him and said, "Roger, thank you for everything you did tonight.". You have met Lin Lin, and you should know that I have learned some things that you have never told me. At present, I need time to settle down and digest. It may not be able to settle down and digest,aluminium edge trim, so you must not wait for me. I pushed aside Lin Zisong's hand and strode into the cabin. In the direction of the plane, my stubborn old father was waiting for me. The weather in my hometown is warm and humid even at night. Three hours later, I took a taxi to the People's Hospital in the warm wind. jecatrims.com

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Be good, girl.