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Bad star Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:39   Engineering   Sankt Augustin   180 views Reference: 338
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Wang Fu picked up a fiery red tree root and said to Po Jun, "You see, this is the root of the flame spirit tree. As long as you plant it in your yard, a towering flame spirit tree will grow within three days.". The flame spirit tree has a flame boundary with a fire temperature of more than 10,000 degrees. Its boundary covers about ten square kilometers. If you want to get in and out of its boundary, you have to wear its leaves with you. It is very helpful to protect your home and prevent small nights. And this kind of flame spirit tree grows in a hidden field, which is very rare. Are you interested in buying it? Broken army gently shook his head, this kind of flame spirit tree boundary temperature is only ten thousand degrees, any one more than seven stars with prison, can easily in and out, for the broken army, pure chicken ribs in general, useless. Seeing that the broken army was not interested, Wang Fu hurriedly picked up another item, a machine doll, and introduced it to the broken army with a smile on his face: "Look at this. This is a battle doll made by His Excellency Dong Lei, the most famous manufacturing master of the Empire.". Its core is completely made of fine gold and silver,stainless steel needle valve, with a mixed armor body of titanium metal and extended steel attached to the outer end. It is controlled by a super intelligent light brain. As long as it is started, it can become a giant puppet more than ten meters high. Its fighting capacity is enough to be equivalent to a nine-star strong man. Although its fighting time is only ten minutes, it will explode at the end of its life. The energy generated will cause serious injuries even to the strong people at the peak of the A-level of the nine stars. When Wang Fu still wants to continue to sell, the broken army's impatient wave of the hand interrupted his chatter. Volume 8 Star Yao Zhongzhou Chapter 181 Earned? Lost it? (Middle) Brothers, Monday will continue to break out, everyone's votes must be in place,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, I break out, you vote ~ ~ ~ you vote, I break out ~ ~ A doll that is only equivalent to nine-star strength and can only exist for ten minutes is not attractive to the broken army at all. As for the core of Jingjin and Miyin, the joke is that the new God Armor "Xunlu" of the Broken Army is made of several tons of Jingjin and Miyin. Wang Fu saw that the distinguished guest was not satisfied, and the sweat that had just stopped on his head flowed down again. With years of experience in watching people, Wang Fu could see that the other party was definitely a master who was not short of money, and looked at the bearing on the other party, as well as two followers who were faintly overflowing with energy, all of which showed the extraordinary of the other party. It's just a small matter that you can't get money today, but if you let people know that you can't pick a satisfactory product in this treasure gathering pavilion, then you will have to reverse the brand in this thousand-year-old shop. Different items were taken out by Wang Fu, but none of them satisfied the broken army. As more and more items were taken out, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,12 needle valve, the sweat on Wang Fu's head had turned into a flowing river. Several of the guys around him did not look very good. In their view, the customer of the broken army simply came to find fault. So many treasures were placed in front of him. Unexpectedly, none of them satisfied him. Wang Fu picked up an object with trembling hands, and suddenly the expression on his face stiffened. Because he couldn't tell the origin of the things in his hands and the public use. Looking at him, Wang Fu picked up the wet handkerchief, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and said to him with words worse than crying: "Dear guest, I'm really sorry. This thing was sold to me by a group of interstellar wanderers a few days ago.". I asked a lot of appraisers, but they couldn't identify what it was. I put it between these rare objects, and I don't know what it is yet! Let me introduce another one to you. Do you like it? "Show me that thing!" The broken army had a strong curiosity about the items that could not be identified by several appraisers. He took the item from Wang Fu, a palm-wide rune of non-gold, non-wood, non-stone and non-earth, which recorded some words that he had never seen before. The broken army tried to get a trace of energy, but the rune did not respond. The broken army did not believe in evil and continued to deliver energy until the broken army had done its best, but the rune did not respond at all. I'll take it. Tell me the price! The broken army said to Wang Fu lightly. Please. Excuse me, what is this thing? Unable to resist curiosity, Wang Fu dared to ask the broken army. I don't know The broken army said frankly. What. What? I don't know, but do you still buy it? Wang Fu asked in surprise. What's so strange about that? When I came, I said that I only wanted to buy strange and rare things. Since no one could see the origin of this thing, it just met my requirements. In fact, this is not the truth of the broken army, a can bear all the energy of the broken army, and no damage, absolutely can be called a treasure, although it is not yet known what it is, but it is always right to buy it first. Oh, in that case, I'll give you the purchase price. Anyway, it's useless to keep it in my hands. You can give me 100 purple gold coins! Wang Fu said very frankly, but through the other side's pulse and blood flow, the broken army knew that the other side must have reported a lie, but the broken army turned around and ordered Youquan to pay. Because he knew that the actual value of this thing must be more than ten thousand times higher than Wang Fu's quotation. Since coming to the Sun and Moon Empire, Youquan has become the financial manager of the broken army, and most of the money has been put on him. This is to come here before, in the wave of exhortation, after all, to break the army today's identity,38 needle valve, some of the necessary ostentation and extravagance or to say. As a result, Youquan handed over 100 Zijie gold coins. Wang Fu was very happy. He spent 10 Zijie gold coins to buy this item. Only three days later, he made ten times the profit as soon as he changed hands. chinaroke.com

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Bad star