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Autobiography of Agatha Christie Full-time Job

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A large ball was to be given at the Cliffe of Chudreve, and the host invited the garrison of Exeter to it, and asked their friends if they could have some of the girls. An old family friend, Travers, who had been stationed in Chudreve since his retirement, suggested that I be invited. Travers' wife called me and asked if I would like to stay at their house for the night and attend the dance the next day. I graciously accept that kind invitation. At the same time, I received a letter from a friend named Arthur Griffiths. His father was a local priest, and he was in the army-a gunner. We are good friends. Arthur wrote that his troops were now garrisoned at Exeter. It was a pity that he could not be invited to the ball this time. For this reason, he felt sorry. He really wanted to dance with me again. "But," he wrote, "among the soldiers at the dance was a man named Christie. Will you look for him?"? He dances very well. Christie and I met soon after the party began. He was a handsome young man, tall, with curly hair and an interestingly upturned nose, and he looked quite confident. The host introduced him to me and we danced two dances. He told me that his friend Griffith had introduced him to me. We worked well together. He danced skillfully,stesweet stevia, and I danced with him a few more times. That night, I went home enjoying myself. One day, about a week or ten days later, I was having tea at Mailer's house across from ours when my mother called: "Will you come back soon, Agatha?"? There is a young man waiting for you. I don't know him, and I've never met him. I asked him to have tea. It seems that he will stay until you come back. I went home resentful and disappointed. I guessed that the visitor must be an obnoxious ensign who had asked me to read his poems. I went home in a sullen mood. I walked into the living room and saw a young man standing up with relief. His face was slightly red,saw palmetto extract, and he showed some embarrassment and had to make an explanation. He wasn't excited to see me, and probably thought I wouldn't remember him. Still, I remembered him, though I was surprised by his arrival. I never expected to see Griffiths' friend Christie again. He explained vaguely that he had to come to Torquay by motorbike and thought it best to come and see me. He said nothing about the trouble he had taken to get my address from Arthur Griffiths. After a while, the atmosphere of the conversation became more harmonious. My mother was much more relaxed because of my arrival. Archie Christie became cheerful after an embarrassing explanation. I'm a little smug, too. It was getting late during the conversation. My mother, in a womanly hint, asked me whether I should invite this unexpected guest to dinner and, if so, what I should do for him. Just after Christmas, best green coffee bean extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, there was cold turkey in the pantry. Mother, seeing my positive hint, asked Archie if he would like to stay and eat with us. He accepted it without hesitation. We ate cold turkey, salad, cheese and other things and spent a pleasant evening together. Then Archie got on his motorbike and rode back to Exeter. In the next ten days, he often came unexpectedly. Archie, who made no secret of anything about himself, told me how eager he was to transfer to the new Air Force. I'm shocked by this. People are afraid of flying. But Archie was a practical man. He believes that the Air Force is a promising service, and in the event of war in the future, the first thing needed is the Air Force. He didn't ask to join the Air Force because he loved flying, but because there were more opportunities for promotion. There is not much future in the army. Artillery is promoted too slowly. He tried to erase the romance of flying from my mind, but failed to do so. For the first time, my starry-eyed romantic nature clashed with his intellectual pragmatism. In 1912, it was still a world of more emotion than reason. Young women are full of romantic fantasies about young men, and the girls in young men's minds are idealized. It's been that way since my grandmother's day. Archie and I have very different reactions to all kinds of things. From the beginning of their contact, the novelty of "strangeness" between them strongly attracted each other. On New Year's Day that year, I invited him to the New Year's dance. He was acting strangely all night and barely spoke to me. There were four or six of us dancing together. Every time I sat down to rest after a dance with him, he kept silent. When I accosted him, he just talked incoherently. I was puzzled and looked at him carefully once or twice, wondering what was wrong with him and what was on his mind. He doesn't seem interested in me anymore. My senses were dull, and I should have realized that when the man around me is as humble as a sheep, slow to react, and unable to listen to you intently, he must be falling in love, as is usually the case. How am I supposed to know? I don't even know what happened to me. I remember receiving a letter from Riggi, saying to myself, "I'll read it in a couple of days," and throwing it into a cupboard in the living room, where I didn't find it until months later. I'm probably more or less aware of the change in my feelings. We went to a concert on the third day of the New Year's Eve party. After the concert, we went back to Ashfield together. As usual. We went to the study room to play the piano. Archie told me with a sense of despair that he was leaving in two days for flying training on Salisbury Plain. "You must marry me, you must marry me," he said eagerly. He said he had this desire from the first night he danced with me. I couldn't have been more difficult to get your address, to find you,phycocyanin spirulina, than I have been. I only have you in my heart, and there will never be anyone else. You must marry me. I told him it was impossible and that I was already engaged to someone else. He wiggled one hand wildly.. It means no matter what the engagement is. What about the engagement? All you have to do is disarm it. "But I can't, I can't and I can't do that." prius-biotech.com

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