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Anecdotes from the Bureau of Public Opinion Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:42   Independent & Freelance   Salzgitter   142 views Reference: 434
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Is there an underground warehouse here? You come over and say, "Gao Liang's expression is a little strange. After calling Ruan Liang to his side, he went on to say," Why is the warehouse built underground? Or is it in the house? What's in it? Ruan Liang scratched his head and said, "This used to be the predecessor of the sentry post, which was a transit station for strategic materials. Some important strategic materials were kept in underground warehouses.". Later, after the top was changed into a sentry post, the main entrance of the underground warehouse was sealed, leaving only a small entrance for people to leave, and the soldiers of the sentry post used it as a vegetable cellar. Gao Liang looked at the direction of Ruan Liang's finger and suddenly turned around and said, "Why didn't you say that just now?" Ruan Liang gave a wry smile and said, "There is still the possibility of restoring a transit station for strategic materials here in the future. It is a military secret anyway.". If the little girl hadn't gone out to lure the wolf, I wouldn't have said anything about the warehouse below until the last moment. Gao Liang lowered his head and hesitated for a long time. When he looked up again, he pointed to the messy things on Meng Qiqi's body and said to Hao Wenming, "Take her things first." Then he turned around and called me to his side. He pointed to Ruan Liang and said to me, "Shen La, you go with me to see the situation of the underground warehouse." Chapter 242 After I promised, Gao Liang and I followed Ruan Liang to the position of his finger just now. Ruan Liang lifted a piece of linoleum used as a carpet on the floor, revealing a small secret door in the middle of the floor. The center of the secret door is a built-in lock. The handle is set next to the lock. I squatted on the floor and tried to pull the handle. As expected,Quillaja Saponin, the secret door was locked, and the pull did not move. I stood up and looked at Ruan Liang and said, "The door is locked. Take the key to open the door." Ruan Liang was a little embarrassed and said, "There is no key." Seeing our Director Gao staring, Ruan Liang quickly explained, "You don't think I, a small lieutenant, will have the key to the warehouse of the strategic material transfer station,Sex Enhancement Powder, do you? Such a key is kept by a special person in the military region, and is usually carried by the person who escorts the goods. When you return to the military region, you have to return it immediately. I only went down once before when I followed the chief to check the reserve strategic material warehouse. "Speaking of this, he said with a strange expression:" You are anti-drug police anyway. Such a small lock should not be difficult for you, right? Ruan Liang's last words, I heard very awkward: "What do you mean?"? Who among us seems to be able to break the lock of the door? Great Sage, please come here. I need your help with a little thing. "In the middle of the conversation, I suddenly remembered that Fatty Sun had such a skill.". Fatty Sun had already heard our conversation outside. After he came over, he squatted on the ground and glanced at the keyhole of the hidden lock. He said disapprovingly, "The inlaid multi-sided lock made in China is an old thing." Gao Liang said beside him, "Never mind whether it has lost its teeth or not. Can you open the lock?" Fatty Sun squinted at the keyhole of the hidden lock and said, "I didn't say that if I took a piece of noodles, I could remove the lock and send it to you." It was an exaggeration to open the lock with noodles, Theobromine Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, but Fatty Sun only used two wires, one long and one short, to reach into the keyhole of the hidden lock and stir it up. It took less than two minutes to hear a clear sound of "Gaba". Then, Sun Fatty grasped the handle of the secret door, lifted it hard, and opened the secret door. When the secret door was opened, Fatty Sun looked down and gave up the position. Without praising him, I craned my neck and looked inside. It was dark under the secret door. With my special natural ability, I could still see the narrow and winding stairs below. Gao Liang was doing the same thing as me. The position of the secret door was too narrow. After looking at it for a while, he said to me, "You and Ruan Liang go down first to explore the way and see if it is suitable for us to hide below.". Shen La, you are not familiar with here. Let Ruan Liang go ahead. ” Ruan Liang didn't mind Gao Liang's arrangement. He turned out a military flashlight in his backpack. By the light of the flashlight, he was the first to get in through the secret door. Before I went down, Fatty Sun handed me a flashlight. I didn't intend to take it, but I heard him say in a low voice: Make a show. If you have something to do, don't let him see that you are different from him. I still took the flashlight. Turn on the flashlight and follow Ruan Liang down. The stairs below were so narrow that only one person could walk, and every five steps were a turning point. I don't know why it was designed like this, but as Ruan Liang said just now, as long as there was an assault rifle, looking for a turning point to guard, no matter whether it was a man or a wolf coming down, there was no need to aim accurately, it was absolutely one shot. The stairs were winding. Ruan Liang walked carefully in front of him. I didn't say anything to distract him. After 12 or 13 turns, we were really at the bottom of the warehouse. After all, it's a military warehouse, and it's not much smaller than the basement of the polling Bureau. Just looking at the size of the post above, no one would have thought that there would be such a large warehouse below it. But now here is empty, plus a dark, now only two people, the heart is more or less a little uneasy feeling. Ruan Liang didn't seem to be very familiar with this place. He first lowered his head and thought for a long time. Then he took a flashlight and turned around in the same place. After judging the north, south, east and west, he turned his face and pointed to his front and said to me: "I remember there is a generator in front of him that is responsible for single-line emergency lighting. Maybe there is a little diesel in it. Go and see if we are lucky." When he spoke, Ruan Liang had already walked in the direction of his finger, and I could only follow him. He did not remember wrong, walked forward for a while, in a corner of the room, found the generator he said, but the diesel oil inside has been almost volatilized, but in the corner found barrels of diesel oil. After working for a long time, Ruan Liang and I poured diesel oil into the generator, started the generator, closed the switch, and finally saw the light of the electric lamp,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but after all, it was emergency lighting, and only four or five lights were on in the whole warehouse. pioneer-biotech.com

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Anecdotes from the Bureau of Public Opinion