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And Tianqun Xiongzhuan Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:52   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   205 views Reference: 32
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Just when you meet very happy, the team of men in black has assassinated the north entrance of the ten soldiers, the rest of the five soldiers are still fighting, a pawn ran to Jing Tianyi message, was about to enter the temple of YouWei, but also was assassinated, then the men in black and all the way to the temple of YouWei, in the courtyard is overjoyed to celebrate, and the soldiers in the temple were assassinated to death one by one, The man in black soon entered the wedding banquet courtyard, Jing Tian thought someone came in, can not help but be surprised, so easy to get into the wedding banquet, in addition to the top martial arts must also be familiar with the terrain of the five islands, otherwise it is impossible to enter the temple of Youwei as if in no man's land, Jing Tianyi drew his sword and flew up, the man in black stretched out his hand and hit, within twenty rounds unexpectedly did not hurt a hair, Jing Tianyi thought it was not good. Skill so good people, in addition to those assassins in Changan that day has been very difficult to meet, said then quickly, I saw two men in black as light as a swallow to fly to the side of Hean and Joe can blue, two people got up and drew their swords,empty cosmetic tubes, and went away, they see the people are not good, Joe Xianghua life people quickly closed the gate, just at this time, I saw thousands of archers suddenly appeared around the courtyard, Ten thousand arrows were fired at the encirclement of the courtyard. Qiao Xianghua shouted, "Come on, quickly wipe out the rebellious party and encircle the battle array!" Yang Zhi and the other three island owners were also caught in a bitter battle. They were all very skillful and neat. They couldn't see what school they came from. Suddenly, the wedding banquet was in a mess,cosmetic tube, and there were countless casualties. Qiao Su saw that someone had come to make his wedding. He immediately turned around and came to the training ground from the secret passage of the inner hall. He led his troops back. Jing Tianyi's 36-way serial sword skill has been very deep, but the man has been able to fight with him so far, he carefully recalled the skill, the more he thought about it, the more like the scene of ambush in Chang'an, this skill is absolutely not in heaven. But he an and the comer even hit fifty strokes, did not distinguish the victory or defeat, such an opponent is rare, but where does this martial arts come from? He saw that the man was stabbing him in the heart with a dagger. He waved his sword to block it. The three-foot flying flower sword was stabbed by the man's dagger. He carefully observed the way of the man's martial arts. Every move seemed to be very similar to the assassination in Chang'an that day. He could not help shivering in his heart. The camera looked for Ruan Shixun in the crowd, but it could not be found anywhere. Joe can blue and come to split a few strokes, she is very suspicious to come to the source of this martial arts, this is by no means the way of martial arts with the five islands of heaven, with the memory of the last time in Xiangyang city, she concluded that these people to and murder them a year ago is the same group of people, it seems that this is a very well-trained assassination organization, by no means what Wang Huyu party, plastic cosmetic tubes ,aluminium laminated tube, Joe can blue wield Lingfeng sword, He stabbed his face with a sword and tried to poke off his veil, but the man instinctively blocked it and repelled Qiao Kelan a few steps. Qiao Kelan suddenly remembered that there were poisonous hidden weapons hidden in the tasseled spears and short knives of this group of people, so he shouted at He'an: "Brother He, be careful of hidden weapons!" Seeing that Qiao Kelan had seen through the secret weapon, without saying a word, he shot the plum blossom dart in his sleeve at Qiao Kelan. Qiao Kelan brandished his sword to block it and shouted, "Bastard, even such a small man dares to come to my island to make a mistake!"! Come and die! Then he jumped and flew to the back of the man. A mighty dragon jumped into the sea and pierced his heart. The man fell to the ground and blood flowed. Qiao Kelan hurriedly lifted the veil of the man. Unexpectedly, he was shocked. The man was none other than Tu Gao! In this way, this group of people must be the people who chased them all the way that day. Qiao Kelan took a look at He'an. He'an was surprised to see that the deceased was Tu Gao. So he did not intend to show mercy any more. Coming more and more, arrows rain down from the sky, the courtyard is a river of blood. At this time, Qiao Su led his military forces to break in. The Zhongjun archers fired ten thousand arrows at the black-clad assassins in the siege vehicle. When they saw that the reinforcements had arrived, Yang Zhi called them to retreat to the corridor. As soon as Qiao Su's soldiers arrived, they and the people in the corridor had retreated to the corridor. They immediately surrounded the black-clad men. Qiao Su shouted, "I don't know whether they are alive or dead!"! Prince wedding also dare to come to cause trouble, forcing me to kill, come on! Put a rocket on me and burn these bastards! After that, the army fired rockets, and the men in black were killed and wounded. At this time, Qiao Kelan jumped out of the crowd and came to Qiao Su. He said anxiously to Qiao Su, "Brother, wait a minute. Leave him alive!" Then he ordered the soldiers to stop. He rushed into the black-clad crowd and raised his sword and asked, "Tell me who is behind the scenes." He'an and Jing Tianyi knew that if these assassins were not killed by the enemy's sword, they would commit suicide by taking poison, so they quickly jumped into the crowd, sealed the acupoints of several men in black who were not dead, and searched them again. Sure enough, there was a small bottle of vermilion pills hidden. Several people saw that the situation had gone and the acupoint was sealed, so they stopped moving. At this time, Ruan Tingfang ran out of the bridal chamber and saw a river of blood in the courtyard. She was not afraid to panic, but calmly walked into the courtyard. At this time, everyone saw her in a wedding dress and rushed out of the door, but her expression was so calm and calm that everyone stopped making a sound and looked at her together. Seeing her standing calmly in the middle of the two groups of people, she said lightly, "Dad, why?"? Why can't you let it go? Dad, come out! After Ruan Shixun heard the sound, he walked into the courtyard laughing from outside. When He An saw him come in, he went up and questioned him, saying, "Master?"? Is it you? Did you do all these good things? Ruan Shixun was noncommittal and answered firmly: "Yes!"! Young Lord, all this is what I did, from more than a year ago all the way to ambush and kill, to today's blood-stained Youwei Island, all of this is what I did! "Ruan Shixun, an old thief, I can't imagine that you can do such obscene and shameless behavior for the sake of power. You won't even complete your daughter's wedding. Do you still have humanity?" Qiao Kelan pointed his sword at Ruan Shixun and cursed. When he was in a hurry, he wanted to kill Ruan Shixun with his sword. Unexpectedly, Ruan Tingfang flew over and blocked the sword with his shoulder. Ruan Tingfang's martial arts were mediocre. Where could he stand Qiao Kelan's sword? Qiao Kelan saw that Ruan Ting-fang was blocking the sword for his father. It was too late to draw the sword. Ruan Ting Fang was injured and fell to the ground. Don't hurt my father,tube lip gloss, your sword is not worthy! Ruan Tingfang looked at Qiao Kelan bitterly, if not for this, Qiao Kelan had never known that her hatred for her was so strong and indelible. emptycosmetictubes.com

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