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An amorous prodigal son Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:14   Independent & Freelance   Calden   248 views Reference: 138
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You Xianggu said with a smile, "The old monster probably wants to use the Nine Elders' Association to make trouble for me." It's just that he didn't expect that most of the nine elders would be in my hands. Apart from dry flying, most of them would cooperate well with me. Who could squeeze me out again? Yan Qing was silent. You Xianggu said with a smile, "You are a descendant of Mr. Sanbai. Sanbai was pushed out of the Jiulaohui. It is the masterpiece of those other people. They have a tacit understanding with me for a long time. People who are too enthusiastic are always not welcome. Master Yan, the situation is like this. What else do you have to say?" "Sister-in-law is really good," said Yan Qing with a wry smile. You Xianggu smiled and said, "I have one more thing to surprise you. Xiaojun, come out and meet an old friend. You should meet him, too." After the hall turned out a young man, unexpectedly is already dead in the red leaves in the fire of young YouJun, this really makes which is near and shocked. If You Jun and You Xianggu were together, then their identities would be at a glance. You Jungong handed them over and said with a smile, "Brother Yan, you can't imagine that my younger brother is still in the world." "I can't believe it," said Yan Qing with a wry smile. "You Xianggu laughed and said," You wouldn't have thought he was my brother. Yan Qing was startled. You Jun said, "I don't know myself. My younger brother and my elder sister have been separated since childhood. That day in Hongye Village, thanks to my elder sister's rescue,High Speed Nail Making Machine, my younger brother was saved." You Xianggu said, "When my younger brother was just born, I was accepted by Qin Xiangqi as a disciple and left home. He didn't know me, but I knew there was this younger brother. He joined Wudang and was sent as a spy of the Nine Elders Society. It was all caused by me in secret." Which is near only wry smile, but his heart is settled down, you Jun did not expose his life experience, prove that you Jun's conscience is still there. But You Jun said with a smile,wire nail making machine, "That day in Hongye Village, Mo Xin brought someone in and set a fire. My younger brother had already been restrained. He thought to himself that he had no physiology. Then he knew that Mo Xin had used another person to disguise himself as my younger brother and was buried in the fire cave." "It's not surprising," said You Xianggu, "because Mo Xin is my man." "Yan Qing can not help but a shock:" Sister-in-law a long time ago, in preparation for today's things. You Xianggu said with a smile, "You can say that, but at that time I was preparing for Qin Xiangqi. When I thought I could control the overall situation, I kicked Qin Xiangqi out as a matter of course and took over everything from her." Yan Qing said with a wry smile, "No wonder Lian Jiexin rebelled from Tianyin Gate to your side. It was for the sake of Mo Laoer." You Xianggu smiled and said proudly, "Yes, Qin Xiangqi only knows how to use women to conquer men, but I go further than her and know how to use men to conquer women. So after I merged the Iron Cavalry Alliance with the Heaven Desire Gate, the foundation of the Heaven Desire Sect collapsed immediately." Yan Qing asked, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine manufacturer, "Brother You, did you plan everything later?" You Jun nodded and said, "Yes, how to force Qin Xiangqi to leave? My younger brother has a little thought. Otherwise, this old monster will be very difficult to deal with." Which is near looking at the young man, the heart is full of doubt. You Jun said with a smile, "The cooperation between brother Yan and brother Baiping is very admirable, and Ma Baiping's change today is even more gratifying. Therefore, my younger brother also made a little effort to cut off the disaster for you." "Who are they?" Asked Yan Qing. "There are some remnants in the hands of Hen Tian Weng, such as Ma Jinglong, Zhang Zhenyu, Shi Jianru, Xiang Meifeng and others." "They're all dead," said Yan Qing. You Jun said with a smile, "Ma Jinglong was killed by Lian Jiexin. She was avenged for Mo Laoer. I asked Ding Jun and Xue Yi to help clean up the rest of the people, especially Qingping Jianshi Jianru. He was too familiar with the Escort Agency. He wanted to use the manpower of the Nine Elders Society to harm you. I had to do it first.". ” Which is near to know that his real purpose is to kill people, because Shi Jianru is the one who knows his identity best, you Jun had to take action against him in order to save himself! After a pause, Yan Qing asked, "Brother You, what is your position in the Iron Cavalry League at the moment?" You Jun said, "My brother is still a member of the Nine Elders Association. He has nothing to do with the Iron Cavalry Alliance. No one knows that my younger brother is related to the Iron Cavalry Alliance except my elder sister." "Why is that?" You Jun said with a smile, "The Iron Cavalry Alliance takes the Green Forest Road outside the Shanhaiguan Pass as its backbone. With this strength, it is strong enough to dominate the martial arts world, but its reputation is not enough to convince the major sects. The younger brother must have a more resounding identity to make the world return to its heart." You Xianggu also said with a smile, "Besides, most of the members of the Iron Cavalry Alliance are my husband's trusted brothers. They only listen to me because of my husband. I must have considerable strength in my hands to maintain a balanced balance of power." "Are sister-in-law and brother Liu also strange bedfellows?" You Xianggu said with a smile, "Real hegemony is absolutely impossible to share with others. Our union is to make use of each other. Now, once the obstacles are cleared, my husband is likely to ask me to hand over the hands of the Heaven Desire Gate. He is bent on bringing Lian Jiexin to power, just to weaken my strength. I have to guard against it." You Jun said with a smile, "Sister, I can make a compromise with Brother Yan about Qin Ying. Let's talk about it." "Don't try to play tricks, Xiaojun," said You Xianggu. "I know you're not a quiet person. You swallowed Shi Jianru just to gain control of the Nine Elders Society. "Elder sister," said You Jun, "we are always brothers and sisters. It's much better for the Nine Elders to be in my hands than in the hands of others. Will my younger brother betray you?" You Xianggu said with a smile, "It's hard to say. But I hope you understand that you are the only brother of the elder sister. Everything in the future is not yours. Let me live in style for ten years. This position will be given to you. You want to play tricks, but you are looking for your own trouble. Don't blame my sister for not thinking of brotherhood." "How could it be?" You Jun asked? Elder sister, brother is also thinking about you. You have a conflict with brother Yan. Isn't it playing into the hands of others? My brother-in-law is eager for you to set up a strong enemy so that he can kick you away. Otherwise, when brother Yan comes, how can we not receive any information? The last sentence was very powerful,Nail machine manufacturer, and you Xianggu really took the girl away. You Jun then said in a low voice, "Brother Yan, how many people have you come?" 3shardware.com

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