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Almighty Master Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:43   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   131 views Reference: 347
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See this scene of other people can not help laughing, well, Lei Ling son in the side blushed. Chapter 611 end (first watch). The annual Lantern Festival in Chongyue City is naturally the most lively, where the little turnip heads also saw some of their opponents who had participated in the Continental Competition and the Tianjiao Competition before. After buying a lake lantern, Li and Lei Ling put the lantern into the heavy moon lake, "Ah Man, do you know?"? It is said that when the lake lantern is released, the farther the lake lantern floats, the greater the chance that the wish will come true. Li Badao touched his bald head and looked at Lei Ling beside him, "that's if." What if the lake lamp sinks? Lei Ling son is asked by Li overbearing so, immediately some are speechless, this question. "Well, look, those people's river lanterns are sinking!" Said Li, pointing to some sunken river lanterns in the lake. Lei Ling son a face depressed looking at Li overbearing, oneself can meet such a boyfriend, also is really enough. So, it doesn't matter what wish you make, the important thing is that I will help you realize it! Li Badao patted his chest and promised. Hum …… Ao Xiaoxiao swallowed saliva at all kinds of food stalls on the street. Although he could not put down the things in his hands and his mouth was full of food, it did not prevent the snack from being greedy for other delicacies. Wang Yueyi carried a small bottle in her hand and took something to eat from Ao Xiaoxiao's hand from time to time. She had a leisurely life. Looking at Ao Xiaoxiao's appearance of not eating enough, Wang Yueyi was also a little helpless, but she still followed Ao Xiaoxiao and let her shuttle between the stalls. Boss,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, what is this?! Ao Xiaoxiao came to a stall and saw something golden and fluffy, like a cake but not like a cake, and felt as if he was hungry again. Girl, this is a lotus cake! The old man who was putting white dumplings in the oil pan answered with a smile. Lotus cake?! "Exactly, that is, after washing the lotus, add some secret seasonings, mash them as fillings,Cold Drawn Tubes, fry them in the pan, and they are so golden and crisp." As he spoke, the old man skillfully put the lotus cakes into the oil pan one by one. It was a lotus cake. Is it delicious? What Ao Xiaoxiao cares about is not raw materials. What she cares about is whether it tastes good or not. Whether it tastes good or not, you have to eat it yourself before you know. No matter what the old man says, it's better for the girl to eat one by herself. Besides, such a cake is not expensive, only one yuan. The old man shook his head with a smile and said that their small businesses were not very profitable, basically just a hard money. Okay Ao Xiaoxiao took the lotus cake from the old man and swallowed it directly into his mouth. Then, under the old man's stunned gaze, he chewed it two or three times and swallowed it into his stomach. Delicious! Delicious In the end where delicious, anyway, Ao Xiaoxiao can not say, but feel delicious, after eating the mouth and the fragrance of lotus, "boss, beam impact tubes ,precision welded tubes, give me ten more bags!"! Um. The little sister next to me gives money! With that, Ao Xiaoxiao smiled at Wang Yueyi with some embarrassment. Wang Yueyi is a look of you, from his wallet out of the money, as the big lady of Dionysian Valley, money and so on, for Wang Yueyi, just a number. All right, girl, take it! The old man wrapped up ten lotus cakes. Xiaoyi, you also taste it, it's delicious! Ao Xiaoxiao handed the lotus cake in his hand to Wang Yueyi with a flattering face. Eat, eat, you little git! Wang Yueyi snorted angrily. I'm hungry! Ao Xiaoxiao said coquettishly. Yes, yes, yes, just ate so many things, you are still hungry, pigs can not eat you! …… The excitement of the Lantern Festival lies in the various activities by Chongyue Lake, and on this day, both the original residents and foreign tourists in Chongyue City put down all the heavy things on weekdays, and everyone has a pure smile on their faces. The most important purpose of the Lantern Festival is to put lanterns to pray for blessings, so here is still the most riddle-guessing and lantern selling. Moreover, there are many single men and women who want to find their future partner here. It has to be said that this is really a good place to meet for the first time. Maybe you will meet someone who makes your heart beat at any corner or stall. Or, a casual look back in the crowd, you may meet the person who accompanies you for a lifetime. Just like Xin Qiji's poem: "Looking for him thousands of times in the crowd, suddenly looking back, the man is in the dim lights." As time goes by. The event also ended in a sky full of fireworks. Just like the opening ceremony, the sky was full of fireworks, fire trees and honeysuckle flowers filled the night sky, the colorful fireworks and the lights on the heavy moon lake reflected each other, and in an instant, the whole world seemed to have only the sound of sparks blooming. Boom. Boom! Boom! The city is full of lights, and the lights are dim. Perhaps even the branches are covered with colorful lights, beautiful women come and go, perhaps there are lucky people who find their sweethearts, see such a scene, can not help but sigh. The little turnip heads of Class 2, Grade 3 enjoyed themselves one by one, standing on the roof of the restaurant, looking at the beautiful scenery blooming overhead, with happy smiles on their faces. Everyone is enjoying the visual impact of the night, Ao Xiaoxiao's mouth is still full of things, small mouth chewing and chewing, as if there is something to eat, the stomach is not full. Li Zicheng held the pendant that Fang Shen had given him in his hand and did not know what he was thinking. Abu's eyes peeked at a girl in the crowd from time to time, but as if he was afraid of being discovered, he seemed a little cautious. Wang Yueyi was holding a bottle in her hand, dressed like a little drunkard. There is a dog in his arms, and there is a small tiger lying on the dog. The big devil moved a chair and sat at the back,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, looking at the group of little turnip heads in front of him and smiling. As the sky fell silent. The whole night sky was once again dark, except for the bright moon that was not affected by the fireworks. When the fireworks festival was over, people began to set off sky lanterns again. cbiesautomotive.com

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