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Acura Key (NeiNiu) Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:15   Real Estate   Calden   229 views Reference: 139
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As soon as the cashier heard this, tears "brushed" down. Lin Sen could not bear to look at it. He went over and said, "Manager Miao, please give this little girl a bonus this month!" "Well, definitely.". The manager patted the cashier on the arm and gave him a warm encouragement. As soon as the cashier heard the bonus, she also touched her tears. She was a girl from the countryside who came to the city. She had only a junior high school education. She had worked in the old man's head for more than two months. Her sisters and managers, who were also employees, were all good to her. Although she still felt a little aggrieved, she slowly got down to work. Wait for me, wait for me. Han Xipeng ran quickly to the road, followed by Yang Tian and Su Xiang'er. As soon as Yang Tian curled his lips, Han Xipeng smiled again and said to Su Xiang'er, "Xiang'er, let's go!" Yang Tian stared and went with you? "Hey, hey". Under the circle of Han Xipeng, the lascivious big hand asked Su Xiang'er to take it again. Su Xianger hid back, Han Xipeng's hand was caught by Yang Tian, Han Xipeng was anxious, staring, Yang Tian was looking at him with that cold light. Classmate Yang, it's not your turn to be in charge of my girlfriend and me, is it? Han Xipeng's voice was cold and the corners of his mouth trembled. She's not your girlfriend, so don't bother her in the future. Yang Tian said coldly, although his voice was not heavy,Nail production machine, it revealed the majesty. Grass, what do you do? Go away. Grandpa doesn't care about you. Han Xipeng struggled to break free, but his palm could not be pulled out. Yang Tian shook his head with a smile and said, "Get out.". As soon as he exerted himself, Han Xipeng was pushed back a few steps by the force and leaned against the willow tree, the leaves rustling. Han Xipeng opened his eyes wide and became somewhat sober. Pointing to the sunny sky, he said, "You dare to push me. Grass,Coil nail machine, do you know who I am?" Han Xipeng is not stupid. He knows his current state and can't fight well. He started a war of words first. Let's go! Ignore him. Su Xiang'er shook Yang Tian's arm and said with concern. It's all right, don't worry. Yang Tian stroked Su Xianger's hand to reassure her. The back of Su Xiang's hand twitched slightly, but the reaction was not disgust, but shyness. How dare you ***ing touch my woman? Han Xipeng pointed to the sunny day and was so angry that his face turned green. Small steel gun, you should do what to do, don't shout here, although now in winter, there are few people at night, but the quality of citizens should be ".". Yang Tian turned his head, and so did Su Xiang'er. Fuck Han Xipeng is not a good man and woman, know that now the girls are not as good as before, like bad men, or honest and steady popular, pretend to be honest, now someone with him to rob women, how can he endure? Han Xipeng lowered his head and found a moderate stone on the ground. As soon as he lowered his head, his blood rose in an instant and he fainted. Quickly get up, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic nail machine, furtive, stroll forward, see the sun did not respond, speed up the run, holding the stone, mouth scolded: "I grass.". Yang Tian sneered at the corners of his mouth. He had just noticed the sneaky Han Xipeng. Yang Tian held Su Xianger's willow waist in one hand. Ah Su Xiang er startled, hair a toss, footsteps on the ground to move a circle, but did not change places. Han Xipeng threw himself into the air, and just as he was about to turn back and start again, Yang Tian kicked Han Xipeng on the buttocks and used his strength. Han Xipeng staggered a few steps and fell down the steps, one of which was unstable and "puffed". With his buttocks facing the sky, Han Xipeng fell down. The smelly flowers in the ditch flashed, and there was a smelly hook at the oblique corner. Han Xipeng fell, and his front half of his body was buried in the ditch. The smelly ditch just washed his face. "Cluck.". Su Xianger covered her mouth with a gentle smile and then converged. Yang Tian stopped and walked slowly over. "Hey!" Su Xiang'er called Yang Tian, only this one particle, she did not know what to say. What smells so bad? Han Xipeng raised his head and saw that it was a foul ditch. Uh. "Uh.." A big mouthful of dirt came out of his mouth until Han Xipeng vomited and was ready to get up. "Hey!" After a call, he fell into the foul ditch again, and Yang Tian's feet stepped on Han Xipeng tightly. In a panic, Han Xipeng opened his mouth again, and what he had spit out went into his stomach again. "Eh". Su Xiang son in the back to make a disgusting look, but the heart can not help laughing, the sun is too bad. "Let go of me, um." Han Xipeng opened his mouth to say something, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he knew he was wrong. It was all right if he didn't speak. He could still hold his breath for a while. As soon as he spoke, the messy things that had been spit out went into his stomach again. Chapter 327 I really didn't mean to let you eat my sunshine and scold in my heart: You, you dare to touch Xiang'er's little hand, give you courage, you have to wake up. "Well.." Han Xipeng really could not help, opened his mouth, a sparse thing, and poured into his mouth. Yang Tian closed his feet, Han Xipeng hurriedly raised his head, feeling that he was about to suffocate in the past, a look at this foul ditch. Uh. "Uh.." This meal even vomits, does not have the blank space, Han Xipeng felt that his intestines must vomit, this moment he, already thoroughly sobered up, when young is known as the ruthless person he, the tear unexpectedly could not help flowing down. Bitter that bastard face, suddenly got up, pointing to the sunny day, crying and said: "I ***ing fight with you, fight." Yawn. Yangtian cold is not very good, Han Xipeng that unpleasant smell rushed to him, a big snot immediately sprayed out. Han Xipeng was dumbfounded. Uh. "Uh.." Han Xipeng hurriedly lowered his head and picked his throat. He felt that he was poisoned and was going to die. The oily, yellow and white snot of the sunny day actually sprayed into his mouth and into his stomach. It can be said that the nutritious snot product did not turn into nothingness, but was enthusiastically eaten by Han Xipeng. Yang Tian frowned and looked at Han Xipeng, who was going to die of poisoning. He swore that the snot was definitely not intentionally sprayed. Uh. "Uh.." Han Xipeng is still digging, now he is more and more dizzy,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, as if the sun just sprayed not snot, but poison, clenching his internal organs. Let's go Yang Tian raised his eyebrows and said to Su Xiang'er. 3shardware.com

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