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A thousand plum trees and a sword cold Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:43   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   121 views Reference: 346
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Hua Yanlai smiled proudly and said, "You can't even drive them away with a whip, let alone resist. Of course, they know in their hearts that I'm using them, but they just can't resist until they die.." Lin Qi thought about the situation of meeting a "drunk outside the sky" today, and knew that her words were not exaggerated at all. In her heart, she had a sincere fear of her evil kungfu. Hua Yanlai understood his intention and said with a smile, "Don't be afraid!"! I won't do anything to you, otherwise I wouldn't have to go to so much trouble to find these scapegoats! To be honest, I don't like it either. These old men are smelly and dirty. I feel sick when I think about it with them. But what else can I do to recover my strength? Lin Qi said hurriedly, "Didn't you say that you could recover your strength by practicing hard?" Hua Yanlai nodded and said, "That's right, but I can't wait so long. It's not that I'm impatient, but that someone doesn't relax me. Do you know that Fei Changfang is looking for my whereabouts?"? He personally served as the leader of the Thirteen Friends. He spread out to search for my whereabouts, because he had learned that I had transferred my power to you.. "How did he know?" Lin Qi exclaimed. "Lian Jin told him," said Hua Yanlai with a faint smile. Lin Qi even exclaimed, "Uncle Lian!"! He He didn't leave me for long. Hua Yanlai said lightly, "When Lian Jin followed you,side impact door beams, Fei Changfang knew that you had got the secret of the four types of the devil. He didn't dare to provoke you. As soon as Lian Jin left you, he immediately fell into his hands. Of course, Lian Jin was very loyal to me. He wouldn't betray me. But Fei Changfang had plenty of ways. Under several kinds of ecstasy, he couldn't even hide anything." Fei Changfang is eager to get the Demon Sword from me. He can use any means. I can't help but think of ways to protect myself! When Lin Qi heard this, he was stunned. After a while, he apologized and said, "It's all for my sake that Uncle Lian has suffered and your reputation has been ruined.." "Don't feel sorry for yourself,Precision steel tubes," said Hua Yanlai with a smile. "Things happen in an unpredictable way. Lian Jin is only loyal to me. He's very scheming. He's been using you for so many days. You may not know it yet." Lin Qi shook his head and said, No! I know, I am very clear about Uncle Lian's use of me, but I know he is for you, so I am willing to be used by him. Hua Yanlai smiled and said, "Your hospitality is impressive, but you are too naive. Even if you use your purpose, two tenths are for me, and eight tenths are for himself. You are still kept in the dark about some things.." Forget it! I don't have to tell you, in case you're too cold about the world. Lin Qi couldn't help being startled. Hua Yanlai smiled and said, "You don't have to take the blame for Lian Jin. He's asking for trouble. As for the word'honor ', you don't have to be sorry for me. In the hearts of those of us who practice the evil way, aluminium coated tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, there is no such word at all. The only criterion for us to act is'to achieve the goal, by hook or by crook.' We do everything that is beneficial to me without consideration. I am like this." Fei Changfang is like this, and many of his colleagues are like this. Lin Qi repeatedly sighed: "Senior, I really do not understand people like you..." "Don't say you don't understand," said Hua Yanlai with a slight smile. "Even I don't understand myself, because my behavior towards you is against our usual practice. Forget it! Don't say it, it will frighten you if you go on. Lin Qi was silent for a moment, and then suddenly said in a grateful voice: "The older generation has cultivated me, and the younger generation will be inscribed in their hearts. No matter what the older generation says, the guilt of the older generation in my heart can never be eliminated. At least because of me, you lost a daughter.." Hua Yanlai's calm face suddenly filled with a killing machine, so frightened that Lin Qi dared not say the following words again. Old Rain Building Sweep School Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization 82\ 055 Chapter 55 A mountain of red leaves and half a bell When Lin Qi left the small building of Huayan with a melancholy mood, he was suddenly impregnated with a feeling of loneliness. It was a feeling I had never felt before, a feeling of loneliness when I was pushed out of the world! These days, he encountered many things and came into contact with many people, who, more or less, had their secrets, their desires, their passions and hatreds. Only he has nothing! He does not hate anyone, nor does he seem to have loved anyone! Because of all kinds of opportunities, he made more progress in martial arts than he had imagined, but he was not happy about it, because he felt that martial arts did not enrich his life! Everyone has a purpose to live, he did not! Everyone, whether good or bad, has the goal they want to pursue, and he does not! Then for a moment, his mood became very desolate, so his pace became very heavy! Originally, he arranged for his trip to visit "Xiao Sheng" Liu Wu and "Iron Sword Invincible" Xie Changfeng, and wanted to help them deal with the Thirteen Friends together. Now, he felt that this matter was also very boring. Thirteen friends have entered the control of Fei Changfang. Although Fei Changfang is a madman, he is not a villain. His desire is to cultivate the world's invincible skills and further achieve the eternal immortal industry. On this point, Lin Qi's view is very thorough, life and death is the law of nature, there is life and death, it is impossible to change this law, so he does not dream like that. Hou Xingtian is a vicious person who should be eradicated, but he has never had a chance to do evil. Twenty years ago, his father stopped their atrocities. Now they are under the control of Fei Changfang. Although there will be no good things,impact beam tubes, at least they will not do anything heinous, because they will be used by Fei Changfang to help him achieve his dream that he can never achieve. There is no longer time for evil. Although Liu said that they pretended to be righteous, he also clearly saw that these gentlemen who had always been chivalrous were just carrying a cover of justice. cbiesautomotive.com

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A thousand plum trees and a sword cold