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A record of survival in the last days Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:55   IT & Telecoms   Calden   389 views Reference: 38
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Looking at the sleepy old man on the bench, Zhou Yulong's anger burned fiercely, and then strode to the altar. But as soon as he took two steps, a huge force like Mount Tai completely suppressed him, so that he could not move at all. The Avenger's temper is really so irascible. Hearing Zhou Yulong's scolding, the white-bearded old man raised his eyelids, glanced at Zhou Yulong and said, "Don't worry, I'll explain to you slowly.". I believe that the doubts in your mind will disappear after you listen to my words. "Well, I'd like to hear what you have to say." The huge strength gap forced Zhou Yulong to suppress his anger and stand in place waiting for the old man's explanation. And then, time still goes by.. "Ahem, I can't imagine that your patience is still so poor after refining your heart." Finally, just as Zhou Yulong was about to break out, the old man opened his eyes again and said, "Please forgive an old man's dullness. Countless years of loneliness have made my consciousness disappear.". It's not easy for me to recall the past now. I think, that kind of feeling, you should also feel in the heart. "The passage of countless years.." The loneliness of consciousness? Hearing the old man's words, Zhou Yulong could not help recalling the inhuman torture he had experienced in the dark. The boundless loneliness made him shiver, and at the same time, his anger towards the old man was slowly extinguished. It seems that you do understand that feeling. Looking at Zhou Yulong who slowly calmed down, the white-bearded old man nodded with satisfaction, and then said with a look of recollection: "First of all, I will introduce myself first.". I,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, Carlos, am the last Murian on the blue planet. Or, you could say, the remnants of the consciousness of the last Murian on the planet. "Murians?" Carlos's name sounds familiar to Zhou Yulong's ears, but even with a permanent memory, it's hard for him to find the name at a glance from the boundless memory in his brain. Yes, the Murians, the rulers of the Murian civilization and the rulers of the Blue Planet in the Third Age. The old man nodded and sighed, "It's just that our civilization was destroyed by the Atlanteans, the masters of the Fourth Age." Muria civilization? The civilization that excels at harnessing the energy of plants! Hearing the old man's words, the brief information of the Muria civilization instantly emerged from Zhou Yulong's mind. The Muria civilization is the third era civilization of the earth speculated by Mayan prophecy, also known as biological civilization. It is the continuing civilization of the fugitives of the Mesopotamian civilization in the second era. The ancestors of the Mesopotamian civilization discovered in their experiments that plants produce tremendous energy in the process of germination and growth, naringenin price ,fenugreek saponins, and then intensified their research in this area. The Muria civilization, the continuation of their civilization, pushed the biological civilization to its peak. Legend has it that they have created many machines that can use plant energy and biological energy, which can magnify the power of plant and biological origin, thus creating powerful destructive power. However, the civilization suffered the sinking of the continent in the later period, and the remaining fugitives were destroyed by alien colonists in the process of rebuilding the civilization. And most coincidentally, this alien colonial civilization is the fourth age civilization, the Atlantean civilization. Unexpectedly, there are still people who remember our once glorious Muria civilization. Hearing Zhou Yulong's words, the white-bearded old man Carlos suddenly hung his head, sighed heavily, and said: "But this is only a matter of the past.". Our civilization could have been resurrected like grass under a prairie fire after the catastrophe, but it was the alien colonists who not only occupied our beautiful planet, but also destroyed our inherited fire. At this point, Carlos suddenly raised his head, his muddy eyes burst into a hot light of hatred, and said: "But these despicable alien colonists will never think that our great prophet Muria has known what will happen from the natural foreshadowing.". So, before our civilization is extinct, we have sealed the greatest scientist of the Murian civilization, that is, I, Carlos, into the greatest inheritance container of our Murian civilization, in the hope that one day, the Murian civilization can revive again and dominate the earth. "But why hasn't the heritage of your Murian civilization emerged to this day?" Hearing Carlos's words, Zhou Yulong frowned. If he remembers correctly, Mayan prophecies about the Murian civilization are few and far between. Moreover, after the civilization of Atlantis, there is no sign that the civilization of Muria will be revived. Well, fate is like a turbulent river, and we are the fish in the river. Although the prophet jumped out of the river with his life and saw the scene behind him, no one knew whether our fish would be washed away somewhere else in a diversion. Carlos still sighed: "Although we have created the heritage of fire and heritage containers, in order to revive our civilization in the future.". But no one expected that the hateful alien colonists would use weapons of mass destruction against us. In a violent explosion, our heritage and our people were completely destroyed. I am the only one left, waiting in this prison-like inheritance container. I think I know what you mean. Your inheritance vessel is like a cloning machine, and the inheritance fire is your DNA. Only when the fire of inheritance and the vessel of inheritance are combined, can your civilization be revived, right? Zhou Yulong touched his chin thoughtfully and asked,ghana seed extract, "But your inheritance fire has been destroyed, so now this inheritance container should be of no great use.". So how the hell did you get me into this inheritance container? Also, why do you call me the Avenger? "The inheritance container is actually the crystal nucleus embedded in your body." prius-biotech.com

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