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A good doctor in the Tang Dynasty Full-time Job

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The ministers listened to the conversation between the emperor and his subjects. They all kept silent. They thought to themselves, "Listen to the tone of the emperor's voice. I'm afraid Wang Ping'an will get an extra reward again!" If Li Shimin wants to punish anyone, he will first say the merit of this person, praise it, and finally say, you have made so many contributions, but unfortunately you have committed some crimes, I can only kill you. Then he shed a few tears and pushed out the minister who had committed the crime! And if he reprimands the other side at the beginning, it is often to exert favor, first reprimand, lest the minister get favor, tail up, take credit for pride! Sure enough, the ministers were all right. Li Shimin changed the subject and said, "From today on, you will still take the post of Imperial Medical Officer, but you don't have to go to the Imperial Medical Office to be on duty. Every day after Mao Shi, you will go to the Chongxian Hall of the East Palace to be on duty and assist the prince in handling government affairs." "I will obey the decree," said Wang Pingan. Say yes. But in the heart thought: "I originally am not the scholar of Chongxian Hall, why do I have to be specifically told this sentence?" Palace princes, although did not make a sound, but the heart is envious. Wang Ping'an did Zhongshu Shiren, not to Zhongshu province on duty, but to Chongxian Hall,die cast light housing, this is not clear, the emperor wants to train prime minister for the prince, this Wang Ping'an is really good luck! In the eyes of the princes, a new star of the court, has been rising! "Be careful what you do!" Li Shimin waved his hand and asked Wang Ping'an to step down. Ma Zhou looked back at Wang Ping'an, who had retired respectfully, and thought to himself, "This young upstart is somewhat similar to me when I was young." He lowered his head and slowly retreated to the front. The guards went up to the palace and moved the boxes of gold down,metal stamping parts, and the emperor and his subjects began to talk about the government. Li Shimin did not ask Wang Ping'an to withdraw from the temple, so he stood at the end, silent and listening. Today's discussion of state affairs. It had something to do with Wang Ping'an, who was talking about the Turks. Wang Pingan's Turkic disciple Ashina Qibo had already returned to the grasslands. With the support of the Tang Dynasty, the process of recruiting his former troops was much faster. At this time, six or seven hundred herdsmen had gathered, with nearly a thousand men. Although most of them were old and weak herdsmen, in any case, this was always a good start. Wang Pingan Lengding was very happy to hear about Ashi's strange bowl. He had been away for so long. It turned out that he was doing well on the grassland. Hundreds of herdsmen took refuge in him. However, it was estimated that those who could take refuge in him should be destitute people. Otherwise, each tribe had its own tribe. Who could take refuge in their orphans and widows! Li Shimin ordered people to draft an imperial edict and ordered the guards of the Yumen Pass to support Ashina Qibo'er again. When the severe winter came, Ashina Qibo'er was allowed to take his troops to set up tents outside the Yumen Pass and get supplies from the Tang Dynasty nearby. When he returned to the grasslands in spring, he would go on to harm other Turkic tribes. After discussing this matter, we will discuss the matter of Gaochang. For the Western Regions, although the Tang Dynasty conquered many places and gained vast territory, its rule there was not particularly effective. One of the most important reasons is the existence of the Turkic enemy, in the era of Li Shimin's rule, Magnetic Drain Plug ,die casting parts, the enemy has not been completely resolved, and although the Turks submit on the surface, but secretly always take in the enemy against the Tang Dynasty, many rebels were encircled and suppressed by the Tang army, but they ran away and fled into the Turkic boundary, and the Tang army could not chase in and fight, after withdrawal, the rebels would come back. So repeatedly, it is a headache for the emperor and his subjects of the Tang Dynasty. This time they are talking about a group of rebels, the leader is a person who claims to be a descendant of the royal family of Gaochang, the rebels actually kidnapped a monk of the Tang Dynasty, but also the Tang Dynasty for ransom, this is really a bastard plus three poles! Huang Huang Celestial Dynasty, it is absolutely impossible to negotiate with the rebels, even the other side will not accept the surrender. It is impossible to pay the ransom. There is only one way to deal with this matter, that is, to send out the army to catch all the rebels and put them to death! What we are discussing today is how to wipe out these rebels and successfully rescue Tang Xuanzang, because Tang Xuanzang has been recognized by Li Shimin as an emissary sent by the Tang Dynasty to Tianzhu! Wang Ping'an listened and frowned. The ministers in the palace did not care much about the life and death of Tang Xuanzang. The way they discussed was how to put the blame on the Turks, and then fight against the Turks and send troops to the grasslands openly! Suddenly, Li Shimin asked, "Wang Ping'an, what do you think of this?" Wang Ping'an is stupefied, how to ask oneself to come, oneself are not auditing? He hurried out of the court and said, "I don't have any opinions. Everything is up to the emperor." "Don't be afraid," said Li Shimin with a smile. "If you have anything to say, just say it. You are Zhongshu Shiren now. It is your duty to participate in the government and make decisions. I want to hear what you think." Wang Pingan looked up at Li Zhi, Li Zhi's expression was dull, it was obvious that he had no idea, had to look at Zhangsun Wuji, see Zhangsun Wuji nodded slightly at him, to show encouragement, he dared to speak. Wang Pingan said, "My view is that there is no need to mobilize a large army, but to send an elite army, first agree to the conditions of the rebels, set the place to redeem them, and then give the ransom to the rebels, so that they can be happy first, send someone to follow them, and then send out a large army to wipe them out at one stroke when they find the nest of the rebels." Li Shimin said, "That's a good idea, but what we are discussing today is not how to save the monk successfully, nor how to wipe out the rebels, but how to fight against several Turkic tribes." Wang Pingan frowned and thought, "How can you ask me about such a big event?". I'm not the general who leads the troops. Ah, by the way, I am the viceroy of Shazhou. It's really unlucky that I won't start a war on my territory, will I? "If you go back to the emperor," he said, "all you need to do is to send someone to the Turkic tribes for help in the severe cold season and ask them to send troops to help us suppress the bandits." The ministers listened and nodded together, which was also a way. They looked at Wang Ping'an together,Stainless steel foundry, and their eyes were full of sympathy and pity. Wang Ping'an was puzzled and thought, "Why do you look at me like this? Am I wrong?" Li Shimin at the top nodded his head and said, "That's a good idea. It's just right. Wang Aiqing is smart and smart. It's very good." Wang Ping'an thanked him and returned to the end of the court. autoparts-dx.com

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