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A dilettante killer Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:34   Financial Services   Saarlouis   84 views Reference: 478
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Really, I also prepared a basket of foreshadowing words did not say, so quickly you point out the key points, really is not a good audience, like you, how can the storytellers mix ah, but say more, the purpose is nothing more than to make you love me, but also to achieve the goal. Yes, I didn't know at first. I only knew that Shifu took me to an unknown mountain to live. Shifu said that it was his home. But sometimes Shifu would go far away and bring me gifts when he came back. He said he went out to do business, and I believed him, because every time he brought me different things from different places, so I really thought that Shifu was a traveling businessman who traveled all over the world, and I hoped to get more gifts. Yes, I will bring something back, and it's really a local specialty. But can you not bring so much salted duck and bacon? They all taste it fresh. It's good for him. Anyway, it can't be bad. They move it up the hill by car. Don't think I don't know that he brought back some air-dried things because he didn't want to cook. Fortunately, I was born beautiful, otherwise I would have turned into pickles before I saw the beauty. I saw the beauty with a sad nod, "you were still young at that time, I don't blame you." "Shifu once wanted to teach me to practice martial arts, but I was so stupid that I couldn't learn it even if I worked hard. I would only hurt myself. Now I still have the scars left by practicing martial arts at that time." I pulled up my sleeve and stretched out my arm to show the beauty, revealing a faint scar. After seeing the beauty's more distressed eyes, I pulled up my clothes again. It's just a relatively minor one. In fact, I have more and more serious injuries. At that time, I played hide-and-seek with my master, but I fell asleep in the tree carelessly. As soon as I turned over, I fell down, leaving such a scar. I didn't expect to be able to use it today. Anyway, the beauty won't let me take off my clothes to verify it. It's OK to say it casually, but it's not certain to change the fox. Fortunately, he's not here. Shifu also said that my aptitude was dull and I couldn't learn his kung fu. Although I was very disappointed, I couldn't do anything about it. From then on, he was very indifferent to me. At this time, it is right to put on the appearance that someone owes me money. Are you kidding me? My qualifications are poor? As soon as Shifu saw me at that time, he thought I was simple and easy to cheat, and I was a genius who practiced martial arts. If I didn't accept him as an apprentice, I would be robbed by others. So without saying a word, he forced me to call him Shifu before I recovered. Alas, if I hadn't been hungry for two days and saw a sweet osmanthus cake dangling in front of my eyes, I wouldn't have called Shifu so easily. It was so mean. No wonder Big Brother said you couldn't be a night charm. He said the killer's kung fu couldn't be so bad that he didn't even know he was being watched. The beauty looked suddenly enlightened. Hum, I knew the dead fox wouldn't say anything good. It's a good thing he's not here, otherwise he wouldn't laugh to death. Haven't you ever heard that everyone is fascinated by sex? Who cares so much when there is beauty, especially when I don't pay attention to it at all and have no precautions at all? Shifu and I were the only two people on the mountain. Since I knew I couldn't practice martial arts, Inflatable indoor park , Shifu ordered me around. He either beat or scolded me. He had to do everything. I'm sorry, Shifu. I didn't mean to make you sound like my stepmother, but that's what most storytellers say. In order to get the sympathy of the beauty, for the happiness of your disciple and me, you should sacrifice this time. I continued to play cabbage with red eyes and conscience. "But Shifu saved me and raised me. Even if his request is too much, I will try my best to finish it. I just hope Shifu is happy." In fact, I was quite willing to help, but after burning the kitchen, destroying the woodshed, and smashing the bedroom, the master begged me not to help any more. Chapter 57 While imagining his past tragic experience, while cooperating to make a painful expression, I continued to say to the beauty, "Shifu has a study, which has all kinds of books, since I can't practice martial arts, Shifu is not around every day, leisure time will also look through one or two, I didn't expect that there are some medical books, poison classics, transfiguration and other books, under a moment of curiosity, I started to learn. When Shifu came back, he found that although I couldn't practice martial arts, I had some talent for these things, and my attitude towards me became better. He no longer asked me to do those chores, but let me concentrate on studying medicine and transfiguration. Seeing that Shifu was kind to me again, I didn't care about anything. I just wanted to concentrate on doing what Shifu ordered, so as to make Shifu happy. Beauty, even if my past is not very tragic, you don't have to put on a very boring look. There is no reaction at all. You are interested in hearing that I was abused, aren't you. Ignoring the beauty's reaction, I continued to imagine how pitiful I was. "Two years ago, I prepared a kind of poison according to the master's finished product. I just did it to try, because the process was extremely cumbersome. I wanted to see if I could prepare it by myself.". Unexpectedly, the master was very happy and greatly appreciated. Although I don't know what Shifu is going to do with this poison, I am also very happy to see Shifu happy. I had been living on the mountain for several years, and I felt very bored. Seeing that the master had been kind to me recently and asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted to go down the mountain to have a look. The master hesitated for a while, but agreed. After going down the mountain, I saw a lot of things, only to know that the poison I prepared actually killed many people, and the master is the legendary killer night charm. I hurried to find the master for confirmation, hoping that he would say that I had made a mistake, which was not the case. Yes, that's right. It's good to keep this tear in your mouth. Don't really fall down. This is the best way to gain sympathy. Taking a deep breath, I looked at the beauty helplessly. The beauty was really considerate. She immediately sat beside me and leaned on me. "Don't be sad. It's all over." While holding my hand, this position is comfortable. Well,inflatable floating water park, from this angle, it looks like a beautiful ear. It's so cute. I want to bite it. But the master didn't even mean to refute it. He said that he depended on other people's lives to support me. After scolding me, he told me not to forget that he was also an accomplice. I buried my head in the arms of the beauty and shook my shoulders slightly. This posture is good. You don't have to work so hard to pretend to be pitiful. You can also smell the faint fragrance of medicine on the beauty. It's so safe. Momo. The beauty called my name softly and hugged me. joyshineinflatables.com

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A dilettante killer