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A collection of Gogol's stories Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:32   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Cappeln   214 views Reference: 159
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He seemed to feel fully that he had accomplished something great, and suddenly drew a clear line between the tailors who only did the odd jobs of lining and mending, and those who specialized in tailoring new clothes. He took it out of the handkerchief he had used all the way to wrap his coat; the handkerchief had just come from the laundry: then he folded it and put it in his pocket to keep. When he had taken out his coat, he looked at it with great pride, lifted it up with both hands, and draped it deftly over Yakaki Yakakievich's shoulders; then he smoothed it with his palms, pulled the back down, and buttoned it up with only one or two buttons to make it look obedient to Yakaki Yakakievich. Yakaki Yakakievich, like an elderly man, wanted to try the sleeve; Petrovich helped him put his arm into it, and the sleeve was not badly made. All in all, the coat seems to be perfect and fits well. Petrovich did not forget to take advantage of this opportunity to confess that it was only because he had no sign, that his shop was in a side street, and that he had known Yakaki Yakakievich for a long time that he had asked for such a cheap price; and that in the Nevsky Prospekt, such a coat would probably cost seventy-five roubles just by hand. Yakaki Yakakievich did not want to argue with Petrovich about this matter, and he was afraid to hear Petrovich boast such a sensational amount of money. He settled his accounts with him, thanked him, and immediately put on his new coat and went up to the house. Petrovich followed him out, stood in the street,Prison toilet for sale, gazed at his coat from a distance for a long time, then deliberately dodged aside, cut through the winding alley, ran into the street, and looked at his sewn coat again from another angle, that is, from the front. At this moment,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Yakaki Yakakievich walked forward with a festive mood. He felt a new coat on his shoulders every minute, and several times he even laughed with joy in his heart. There were really two advantages to this: one was that it was warm, and the other was that it was good-looking. He had already arrived at the Ministry without thinking how to go. He took off his coat in the lodge, looked at it over and over again, and begged the porter to take special care of it. Somehow, everyone in the Ministry suddenly knew that Yakaki Yakakievich had a new coat and that the gown was no longer there. Everyone immediately ran to the gatehouse to see Yakaki Yakakievich's new coat. Everyone congratulated him, congratulated him, at first he just laughed, and then he even felt ashamed. When they crowded round him and told him that the new coat required a drink and at least a party, Yakaki Yakakievich was completely at a loss as to what he should do, what to answer, and how to excuse himself. After a few minutes, he blushed and innocently explained that it wasn't a new coat at all, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, it was just an old coat. Finally, an official, who was also a deputy chief of the unit, probably in order to show that he was not arrogant, even at the expense of associating with his subordinates, said: "Well, I'll give a party for Yakaki Yakakievich and invite everyone to tea in the dormitory tonight. Today happens to be my name day." Naturally, the officials immediately congratulated the Deputy Chief and accepted his invitation with pleasure. Yakaki Yakakievich wanted to refuse, but he could not resist everyone's persuasion that it was too impolite and unappreciative, so he could not refuse any more. However, he thought later that he was really glad that he would have the chance to go out in the evening with his new coat. This whole day is really the biggest solemn festival for Yakaki Yakakievich. He went home in a very happy mood, took off his coat, admired the woolen cloth and lining, hung it carefully on the wall, and then found out the old long gown with the thread off and compared it. He glanced at it and laughed to himself: "What a difference!"! After a long time, when he was eating, he kept laughing as long as he remembered the situation of the long gown. He happily finished the meal, after which he did not copy any official documents, and while it was still dark, he lay casually in bed and felt comfortable. Then, without much delay, he put on his clothes, put his coat over his shoulders, and went out into the street. It is a pity that we cannot say where the host lived: our memories are so bad that all the houses and streets of Petersburg are mixed and entangled in our memories, and it is difficult to sort them out. But in any case, it was at least true that the official lived in the best part of the city and was therefore not very close to Yakaki Yakakievich. At first Yakaki Yakakievich had to walk through a desolate street with dim lights, but as he approached the official's house, the street became more lively, more crowded, and more brightly lit. More and more people were passing by, ladies in splendid clothes began to appear, men wore coats with beaver collars, and there were fewer and fewer shabby drivers with sledges with wooden railings and copper nails. Instead, there were only beautiful drivers in red velvet hats driving painted sledges with bearskin blankets, driving new cars through the street. The wheels squeaked on the snow. Yakaki Yakakievich looked at all this as if he had seen something strange. He hasn't been on the street at night for years. He stopped curiously in front of the brightly lit window of a shop and looked at a picture of a beautiful woman taking off her shoes, thus revealing a fair, bare foot, while behind her the head of a man with whiskers and a beautiful tuft of beard beneath his lips appeared from another room. Yakaki Yakakievich shook his head, smiled, and went his own way. Why is he laughing? Was it because he had come across something which, though totally unfamiliar, everyone still had some sensitivity to? Or was it because he thought,stainless steel shower tray, as many other officials do? Hey, these Frenchmen! What can I say! If they make up their minds to do something, it's really a bit of that. But it's also possible. cnkexin.com

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