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A big country has no boundaries Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:21   Financial Services   Salzgitter   78 views Reference: 448
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Finally, as Prime Minister, Watanabe is naturally familiar with Japan's current economic and industrial strength. Although it claims to be the second largest economic and industrial power in Asia, in fact, the sharp rise in Japan's economic strength is mainly due to the economic cooperation between Japan and the Republic in the past two years. Otherwise, the serious social problem of tens of millions of unemployed people caused by the Great Financial Depression is still difficult to solve, but even so, why did Japan rely on a weak industrial strength and a weak economic strength to compete with the Allies, just because the Germans promised to support Japan? Just because huge war risks can be exchanged for huge profits, and if the Japanese army really launches aggression, it can still maintain war by war? Watanabe's head has been in a daze these days. He doesn't know which nerve is wrong with Emperor Showa. In the golden age of rapid economic development, he wants to put down the great opportunity to choose a more crazy war adventure. Who will bear the consequences of failure? You should know that Japan today is a populous country with a population measured by hundreds of millions. Although the land is scarce and the resources are barren, at least it has become the largest overseas agent processing plant of the Republic. With the cost advantage brought by cheap labor, it is enough to make tens of millions of industrial workers in Japan not starve to death on the streets. If they really take the risk of participating in the war, the country will mobilize for the war and produce weapons and equipment for their own army. Is there still time to complete orders for Republic enterprises to earn foreign exchange and develop the economy? In the end, Watanabe could only explain what Emperor Showa had done with "this is a crazy adventure",touch screen digital signage, which reminded him of the crazy gambling between the Japanese government and the Manchu government, when the Japanese Empire bet on the fate of the country, and a dramatic Sino-Japanese War ended with Japan's victory. The Treaty of Shimonoseki alone brought hundreds of millions of silver of the Manchu government's war reparations, which allowed the Japanese Empire to have enough education funds to complete the cause of modern education. Unfortunately, today's China is no longer ruled by the Manchu government. Just think about how many survivors there were in the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Sino-Japanese War on the Korean Peninsula, it is enough for the Japanese government to fear the Republic. So if Emperor Showa wants to use a crazy gamble,face detection android, once again gambling on the fate of the country to try to reap greater benefits, he can only choose the allied organizations that are in the decline of the war. Australia's land is so vast and its natural resources are so rich. Japan, whose population is approaching the 100 million mark, really needs a broader living space. If the Japanese Empire really owns the Philippine Islands and Australia, it will not be difficult to develop into such a powerful country as the Republic today. What kind of scene will it be? With these ideas, Watanabe quickly straightened out his attitude, and as a nationalist himself, he was inspired by the wise gambling decision of Emperor Showa, so under his leadership, the ministries of the Japanese General Affairs Council have been working overtime for two days. It was before Emperor Showa held a special meeting on April 1 that he completed a war mobilization plan involving many aspects of Japan. Watanabe was waiting for a moment to present it to Emperor Showa. Even with a pair of panda eyes, his fiery heart was already full of passion. Watanabe, who arrived at Changhe Palace early, touch screen kiosk ,interactive kiosk price, was the head of the Japanese government. As the first person to arrive at the venue, every official who arrived at Changhe Palace greeted him. It was needless to say that the ministerial-level cadres of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transport and other departments under the General Affairs Council of Japan. These two days basically did not sleep, they are like Watanabe with a pair of pandas and Watanabe communication, reluctantly, Watanabe is more and more feel that he came too early, left and right, look around, look around, did not look forward to Emperor Showa. Finally, Watanabe did not wait for Emperor Showa, but waited for the extremely important Japanese military figures who came one after another. After the new military reform, Marshal Yasuji Okamura, head of the Japanese General Staff Headquarters, led the way into the Changhe Palace. Emperor Showa wantonly purged the old generals who were not loyal to him in the past in the new military reform. Only Yasuji Okamura was not swept away. Instead, he was the first person to be directly awarded the highest rank of marshal under the new rank system. Looking at Yasuji Okamura, who had a serious face but a happy look, Watanabe had a dispute in his heart. Emperor Showa's reform of Japan's military system was earth-shaking. The highest military organ was the headquarters of the three armed forces of the Japanese Empire, which was under the command of Yasuji Okamura. The first department directly under it was the General Staff Headquarters, followed by the headquarters of the Navy, Army and Air Force, as well as the Ministry of Weapons and Equipment, the Ministry of Logistics and other departments. These departments were only awarded the rank of general. So they were followed by three men, who wore different military uniforms side by side. Naturally, they were General Watanabe, the current commander of the Japanese Army, General Sakaga, the commander of the Navy, and General Nakazono, the commander of the Air Force. They were all followed by generals, and then generals with the ranks of Lieutenant General and Major General. The generals of the Japanese military arrived one after another, to the lowest rank of major general, the generals gathered together to chat with each other, but no one went to talk to Yasuji Okamura, Watanabe is not to provoke some of the recent grumpy Yasuji Okamura,smart interactive whiteboard, but looking forward to waiting for his long-awaited emperor, can be left and right But when he was in a hurry, he found an unusual face. hsdtouch.com

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A big country has no boundaries