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70 Obstetrics and Gynecology Holy Hand Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:18   Engineering   Bayreuth   233 views Reference: 354
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This is a good opportunity, if successful, as soon as possible to achieve universal screening of neonatal diseases, can avoid many tragedies. In fact, for medical and health undertakings, many things are not done well because of the imprisonment of technology. Let's talk about neonatal disease screening. In fact, it was very common in European and American countries in the 1980s, even reaching 100% coverage. However, due to various domestic conditions, the development of different regions is extremely unbalanced. Shanghai achieved 98% coverage in the 1990s, but by the beginning of the 21st century, the national penetration rate was only 15%. This means that many children miss the opportunity of early detection of the disease and early intervention and treatment, which ultimately affects their lives. In fact, if this matter is really to be pushed forward, it is not really impossible to go on. The focus is to achieve hospital delivery and state subsidies, and policy attention, which can greatly improve the coverage of testing. Jingzhong's reaction was very quick. On the morning of the third day when the old man lived in the cave,push back racking system, Yu Qiu had just finished eating a big bowl of porridge with two corn cakes. Before he went to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, there were more guests at the gate of the medical station. Yu Qiu couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the travel-stained two old women. She subconsciously wanted to count them on her fingers. Did they fly here with wings? How can it be so fast? Old Lady Wang smiled at Yu Qiu and said, "We heard that a pair of lovely babies were born. We couldn't help it, so we came to have a look.". We didn't say hello in advance, Professor Lin, but we were too presumptuous. Professor Lin nodded with a smile and greeted them,radio shuttle racking, "Who doesn't like the arrival of a baby?" She nodded to the woman accompanied by Mrs. Wang and said, "Hello, madam." Yu Qiu originally had some reaction not to come over, at this time to see Professor Lin's attitude, she immediately understood what was going on, hurriedly also followed in the side. Old Lady Wang did not mean to make an introduction, but greeted Yu Qiu with a smile: "I am so happy, and my husband is also happy.". When we look at the children in the movie, our hearts are full of joy. Smiling, she took Yu Qiu's arm and led her outside. "I heard that you are trying to relieve the pain of pregnant women when they give birth.". That's a good thing. Professor Lin winked at Yu Qiu, and a group of people went to the direction of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Compared with the old gentleman whom everyone could recognize, these two old ladies were strangers. The commune members they met on the way did not particularly regard them as important people. They even greeted Yu Qiu and Professor Lin at the top of their voices: "Have you had dinner? Are you going to work?" Yu Qiu hurriedly answered, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,medium duty racking, "Hey, big dad, your niece can also take part in the physical examination.". If she comes here again, you can tell her that we all have a physical examination this month and let her come here as soon as possible. The old farmer carrying a hoe to the private plot nodded. Yu Qiu turned around to explain to the guests: "We are conducting a general survey of women's diseases, focusing on early gynecological cancer, and striving for early detection and treatment.". When they come to see a doctor with symptoms, it's usually late and it's very troublesome to deal with them. Old Lady Wang was very happy. She nodded her head and said, "That's good. If you find out earlier, you can deal with it." She turned her head and smiled at her companion, "My husband found red blood cells in his urine during the physical examination, and began to deal with them early, so he is recovering well now." She sighed again, "but my husband can do regular physical examination, so many people in the country do not have this condition." As she spoke, she praised Yu Qiu, "You have done a good job. This is to serve the people steadfastly." The female gentleman that old madam Wang accompanies is quite concerned: "How do you calculate this check-up charge?"? Can the common people afford it? Yu Qiu nodded with a smile: "The cost comes from two aspects, one is the research project fund applied for, the research on women's diseases.". The other mainly comes from the subsidies of communes and brigades. People who come for medical examination are free, but they have to bear their own transportation expenses. Female gentleman is nodding continuously: "This is a meddlesome thing, if can hold to for a long time go down good.". ” Professor Lin added: "Our project will last for five years in the initial stage of research, and will be adjusted according to the actual situation after five years.". Our idea is to apply as much as possible with the above, strive for subsidies from the national level, and the local government will give support accordingly. She turned to look at Mrs. Wang and said earnestly, "I still want to go through the back door in this matter, hoping that the government can give more support." Old Lady Wang took Professor Lin's hand and said earnestly, "How can you say this is the back door?"? You are doing this entirely for the health of women comrades in our country. She smiled again, "It's better to come early than to come at the right time. I also enjoy a free physical examination service." The staff next to him was very surprised and subconsciously turned to look at Mrs. Wang. The female gentleman also smiled and patted the hands of the female Comrade who accompanied him: "Sister Li, you should also take part in a physical examination and enjoy the rights of our Chinese women." The chubby Sister Li immediately nodded and said, "Well, that's a coincidence." The physical examination person came to the door, Yu Qiu hurriedly arranges the person to go to the physical examination. During Li Jie's physical examination, the woman took the trouble to accompany her all the way. When it was over, she thanked Yu Qiu politely: "Thank you for your hard work, doctor. Thank you. You are a gentle and kind doctor.". The patients must really like you. Where does Yu Qiu have the nerve to answer the next praise: "I am far away from the difference of harmony. I have a quick temper, and my mood is always out of control." Female gentleman laughed: "The patient can feel you care to them, they also can understand you to face the anxious mood when the disease." Professor Lin laughs beside: "Madam, you can not always praise her, or to be strict with her.". Tempers have to be controlled. Patients are already helpless when they are sick. If doctors are angry,industrial racking systems, they will be more afraid. Yu Qiu accompanied her husband to visit the whole hospital and took the two guests to see their waiting room, delivery room and postpartum exercise place. Pregnant women who have given birth without pain are walking slowly accompanied by their families, waiting for the cervix to open and give birth. kingmoreracking.com

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70 Obstetrics and Gynecology Holy Hand